Step 1: Get in touch

The first and most important step in making your animation idea a reality is to drop me a line.

Email me at


Step 2: What do you need?

Animation comes in many shapes and sizes. From charming 2D cartoon animations through to exciting 3D renderings we’ll find the right fit for your project


Step 3: Let’s talk ideas

You may already have a firm idea of exactly what you want or you may be looking for some help to come up with a killer concept. We’ll work together to get the ball rolling.


Step 3: Development

Through the use of storyboards, draft animations and close communication we can make sure that we’re on the same page every step of the way.


Step 4: Fine tune

This stage is where we add the polish and make sure you’re 100% happy with how things are shaping up.


Step 5: The result

You’re now the proud owner of an attention grabbing and engaging animation that you can show the show the world.